Serious Materials has a new drywall product QuietRock ES

Here is a PRESS RELEASE from QuietRock regarding a new drywall product.

Serious Materials Launches QuietRock ES which is 4X Easier to Use than Other Brands

Sunnyvale, CA — November 11, 2009 — Serious Materials, a leading energy-saving building materials company in the U.S., today launched QuietRock® ES soundproof drywall with EZ-SNAP™ Technology which is 4X easier to score and snap than other brands. QuietRock ES is the lowest-cost, sound-reducing Type X drywall available today and the only one without any paper in the middle. The advanced, patent pending approach incorporates new gypsum core technology which offers greater strength, enhanced fire resistance, and easier and cleaner score and snap than even standard gypsum board.

Manufactured completely in the U.S., QuietRock ES delivers acoustical ratings of up to STC 55 on single stud construction and is designed to complement Serious Materials’ family of QuietRock products which are available with ratings up to STC 80. Unlike old methods such as resilient channel, it cannot be easily shorted out in the field, thus yielding superior results with less cost and supervision. And unlike other brands of soundproof drywall, it can be scored and snapped as easy as regular drywall, yielding lower labor costs and higher productivity. Serious Materials invented acoustical drywall in 2002, and now has more than 2 million panels installed in 50,000 successful projects.

“QuietRock ES is another example of how we continue to innovate and obsolete older approaches,” said Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials. “Our customers asked for a product that was lower cost and far easier to use than any other product from any other manufacturer. We listened intently and delivered. Simply put: No one else has this level of advanced technology in the space at any price…let alone the lowest price.”

“With QuietRock ES being 4 times easier to score and snap, and more affordable, it is clearly way ahead of other sound-reducing drywall products on the market today, which simply sandwich two pieces of drywall together and have 2-layers of paper in the middle,” said Craig St. John, President of Westwood Building Materials. “I can’t wait to get this in the hands of my customers.”

“QuietRock ES is just as easy to score and snap as regular gypsum and handles very well,” said Paul Repetto from Eric Stark Interiors. “I can tell from the texture of the material that cutting out outlets or other openings will be easy. I absolutely will recommend using it for common walls and other sound applications instead of some of those old, antiquated sound-reducing products.”
Disruptive Manufacturing Approach Delivers QuietRock ES with EZ-SNAP Technology

Serious Materials has developed patent-pending, disruptive, automated manufacturing processes to create QuietRock ES with EZ-SNAP Technology, making obsolete the old line process of how traditional sound-reducing drywall is made. Nearly 4 years in the making, Serious Materials engineered an advanced gypsum core technology and created a breakthrough manufacturing process that splits the core down the center, dispenses proprietary polymers in a specified and proprietary pattern inside, presses the two halves back together and seals the edges.

About QuietRock ES with EZ-SNAP Technology

5/8 inch QuietRock ES is load bearing, Type X, 1-hour fire-rated, abuse-resistant panel that scores and snaps easier than standard drywall. QuietRock ES is designed to install and hang just like standard drywall. A typical QuietRock ES wall assembly, with QuietRock ES on both sides of single wood studs, has an STC rating of 52 compared with a typical gypsum wall assembly, with gypsum on both sides of single wood studs, which has an STC rating of 39. QuietRock ES delivers ratings up to STC 55 on single steel stud construction.

Benefits of QuietRock ES with EZ-SNAP Technology include:

Ease of use: QuietRock ES has no paper in the middle, is even easier to score and snap than regular gypsum, and is 4X easier to use than other brands of sound-reducing drywall. There is no need to use a saw to cut the panel.

Lowest cost: QuietRock ES is less expensive than any other brand of acoustical drywall (as of today) and is easier and faster to install, which leads to increased productivity and lower labor costs.
High performance and reliability: QuietRock ES outperforms other sound-reducing methods, and can be used on ceilings and load bearing walls. Unlike resilient channel, QuietRock ES cannot be easily short circuited.