Soundproofing your condo/apartment ceiling from your upstairs neighbor.

Here is posting by Dr. Bob on soundproofing your apartment/condo from upstairs neighbors. Nothing new, just isolate the ceiling with soundclips and add a layer of green glue if you have the space.

How do I soundproof my condo or apartment from my noisy neighbors upstairs?

"This is by far the most asked question I hear on a daily basis. It is a question asked by prominent architects, engineers, major developers, and contractors. We are now finding that this is also of major concern of individual homeowners who rent part of their house to tenants. Many factors need to be considered when assessing an upstairs noise issue. The first question you should ask is simply this, is the problem impact noise, or airborne noise (TV's, Stereos, telephones etc.) coming down from above. Nine times out of ten, impact noise is the main concern."