Soundproofing's Top 10 Myths

So here you go, Dave's Top 10 myths in soundproofing, feel free to submit comments to add to this list.

10. You can absorb the sound. The fact is that absorbtion alone will simply not work. There is an exception though, in eviroments such as a sound studio, absorption is used to capture reflected sound.

9. You can cancel noise with a equal and opposite soundwave. This might work for a steady noise like the drone of machinery, but technology just is not ready to cancel out unpredictable noise.

8. Particle board and plywood for soundproofing. No, it will however increase sound transmission.

7. Foam rubber may be good for fish hats, but not so good for soundproofing. The foam rubber will break down over time and is extremely flammable.

6. Carpet will help absorb the noise in your room, however it does not have any value for soundproofing. Keep it on the floor where is was meant to be.5. If your into insane asylum chic, then old mattresses might be your thing. No, not really, they would have to cover every inch of your room and have to be sealed and caulked. I would imagine they would become pretty smelly over time.

4. Blown in cellulose will provide very little soundproofing, wet spray on cellulose may be better.
3. Hay bales are good for feeding your farm animals, but not for soundproofing. However a mixture of mud and hay packed between walls is a different story.

2. Regular old fiberglass insulation batts are good for thermal insulation but not soundproofing.

1. Egg cartons are excellent for eggs, not so good for soundproofing.


  1. I agree about carpeting not being a great material for soundproofing. I'm fascinated with the noise canceling effect of equal and opposite sound waves.


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