Company spotlight: Soundproofing Company Inc.

Soundproofing distributors generally cater to the retail customer. That's great for most of us, however a new company is focusing specifically on the contractors among us. The Soundproofing Company was launched in 2007 to offer the industry a consolidated source for core sound isolation products and information. Interestingly, you'll find that they don't offer dozens of materials. They are focusing on just the stuff that works, or as they say, "Noise control for real life." They may have a point. Let's face it, do we really need 6 types of flooring underlayment? Their site has excellent, easy to understand articles and their knowledge of practical soundproofing methods may be their best commodity. The staff previously worked with Green Glue Company, so they likely know vibration damping inside and out. The prices seem to bare out their contractor based philosophy. Their Speedload system with bulk Green Glue in 5 gallon pails is the least expensive way to buy the stuff.

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