PRESS RELEASE: Quiet Solution Introduces New QuietPad Floor Underlayment for Concrete ConstructionP

Thinner, Lighter, and Lower Cost

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quiet Solution, the market and technology leader in soundproof drywall, today announced its new QuietPad 420 floor underlayment for impact noise reduction in high-rise concrete construction. The new product provides superior performance to other popular rubber and cork underlayments at significantly lower cost.

The highly-engineered underlayment delivers IIC ratings up to 61 a very high reduction in the amount of impact noise heard in units below. The new QuietPad is only 1/16 thick, is affixed directly to the concrete subfloor and allows attachment of wood or tile directly on top, without an extra layer in-between. The thin underlayment replaces competitive products that are often ¼ thick or more, providing a large advantage to builders that want to make best use of every inch. QuietPad has a Robinson floor test rating of light commercial, and is designed for wood or tile flooring.

The product is particularly well-suited to hotel and high-rise condominium and office construction.

The development and testing of QuietPad brings a revolutionary solution to high-rise construction, said Steve Weiss, vice president, marketing. Revolutionary to us means better performance, thinner, lighter, easier-to-use and lower cost than existing solutions. Anyone building a high rise today needs to re-evaluate their underlayment choice immediately or risk throwing money and performance out the window.

The company also recently announced details of a UL-rated floor/ceiling assembly for wood frame construction, using QuietRock, QuietWood and QuietFoam floor underlayment.

QuietPad is available now from over 1,000 authorized dealers in rolls that are 5 feet wide by 300, 600 or 1,200 feet long.

Additional details about QuietPad 420 are available at

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