This Week In Soundproofing: March 21st to March 28th

Soundproofing Home Theaters - HomeTheaterTips

"Interest in soundproofing home theaters seems intrinsically tied to the price of the theater itself. In other words soundproofing a five thousand dollar home theater may involve shutting the door, but expectations obviously rise along with the bottom line. In general I recommend not even considering soundproofing until a few other criteria have been satisfied."

Soundproofing against Street Traffic Noise - Esoundproof

"Excessive traffic noise is one of the most common complaints among American residents. Millions of people are affected by constant traffic noise in their own home. In fact, traffic noise impacts more people than any other environmental noise source. Traffic noise can affect the ability to work, learn, rest, relax, sleep, etc. Excessive noise can lead to mental and physical health problems. If your home is near a major road or you are experiencing problems with traffic noise, you may be able to limit the impact on yourself and your family."

Soundproofing a Compression Station - Barnett Shale Drilling Activity

If you been itching to soundproof your compression station, well here you go.

Soundproofing My Room -

"That's my mattress you see there butting out the door.

You see, I have finally gotten around to setting up my screen and projector. I am finally able to screen movies in my room to a small crowd."
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The Problem of Noise - The Design of Homes

"Noise from neighbours can be one of the most unpleasant and stressful situations when we’re at home. We expect privacy and quiet from the world outside when we’re in our homes, but noise from neighbours can rob us of these feelings."

Soundproof Wall: How Important Is It? - Home Improvement Bliss

You might think that a soundproof wall installed in any of the rooms in your house is a luxury but eventually you will realize that structures such as this are essential for harmony in the house. As your kids grow, they will all have their own circle of friends and will soon hold parties and sleepovers. In addition to this, they will start playing their stereos on full volume, and these noises can wreak havoc on your schedule and your rest periods. By installing a soundproof wall in your bedroom or in your home office if you have one, you will be able to get the peace – and the privacy – you deserve.