Press Release: San Francisco Bay Area Maker of Soundproof Windows Moves to Nevada

Reno, NV (PRWEB) January 22, 2008 -- The much anticipated move to Reno, Nevada, has finally happened for the previously California-based company, Soundproof Windows. After many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, the decision to relocate was made more attractive due to lower costs and the business-friendly climate in Nevada. Since the majority of the business is nationwide and not just in California, this move made even more sense.

"We have increased our warehouse space by 50%, purchased a fleet of Dodge Sprinters, hired more people, and see this as a huge opportunity to increase our production capacity yet again," said Soundproof Windows' president, Randy Brown. "We are excited to be in this thriving Nevada community and have already offered soundproofing solutions to one of the retirement homes along the main highway in Carson," Brown added.

All of the management personnel from the old Fremont facility relocated; locally, Soundproof Windows also hired Don Handlin to be their Plant Manager upon opening shop near the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, bringing over 30 years of industry-related experience to the company. "He is a great addition to our team," Brown said of the Nevada native.

While Reno is the new hub of operations for Soundproof Windows, installation and sales centers continue to be maintained throughout California, Texas, Florida and the east coast, with nationwide availability.

Recent customers include several large hotels and apartment complexes in the southwest as well as US government agencies, such as the military and Homeland Security. While continuing to serve residential customers, Soundproof Windows plans to increase their focus on commercial and government projects with this relocation to expanded facilities.

Find out more about Soundproof Windows and soundproofing in general at The site also includes sample installations and customer comments. Or contact them directly, toll-free at 877-GET-QUIET (438-7843), 4763 Aircenter Circle, Reno, Nevada.

About Soundproof Windows:
Since 1998, Soundproof Windows has been a nationwide manufacturer of quality soundproofing windows and sliding glass doors for noise abatement, providing an alternative or enhancement to standard window replacement in residential as well as commercial applications. Their soundproofing windows and sliding glass doors reduce noise levels by 75% or more and are fully functional with excellent insulation qualities.