5 Tips to Being a Good Neighbor in Your Condo or Apartment

These tips may seem obvious, but the world is full of clueless people. So, I have a rental above me and really did not have any serious issues with footfall/impact noise till the new tenants moved in. They walk so hard sometimes the vibration travels across the ceiling down the walls and to the floor. The ceiling also acts like a drum sending a shockwave of air through the condo.

1. Do not walk like you are marching in the Rose Parade. Relax, walk softly and loose the shoes. See this guide on How to Walk Softly

2. Do not slam your doors when inside or when leaving your condo or apartment. It only takes a few more seconds to close the door quietly and your neighbors will appreciate it. If you do not care about your neighbors, then you should care about your well being, you may just end up dead. Police: Man Angry About Slamming Door Killed Neighbor.

3. Do not slam your kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are attached to the wall, so when you slam it, it sends that noise and vibration everywhere. Consider this hardware for keeping those cabinets quiet. Kitchens that Hinge on Luxury

4. Turn down the bass, it travels easily through walls and floors. Keep your speakers away from your party walls. If your condo or apartment has poor soundproofing, do not even think of hooking up the subwoofer.

5. If you have kids, consider a unit on the bottom floor.