Soundproofing an Existing Wall: Part 1

This project covers the existing options you have for soundproofing an existing wall. This is geared towards those that want to soundproof a party wall. So, if have you very limited funds, you will want to make sure you seal all the holes in the electrical and switch boxes on the wall you wish to soundproof. Use caulk such as GE Silicon II or an acoustical caulk to seal the holes. This will require turning off the electricity and removing the plates. Seal all the holes and edges with lots of caulk. Any holes will allow the sound to come through. Now seal it up with a outlet gasket.

Next up remove the base board and seal the space between the drywall and the floor with caulk. Ok, still have money to spend? Next up we will add additional soundproofing by adding another layer of drywall with Green Glue in between. To be continued

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