Press Release: Quiet Solution Opens Second QuietRock Manufacturing Plant

SUNNYVALE, CA -- Quiet Solution has opened its second manufacturing plant, in Newark, California. The dedicated facility on 12 acres will add production capacity of 100 million square feet per year of the company's patented QuietRock® soundproof drywall as well as QuietWood products. A new high-speed fully automated manufacturing line has been designed and installed which continues Quiet Solution's status as the lowest cost manufacturer. The new plant also has direct rail access on site, which speeds order fulfillment and further reduces costs.

"Homeowners and commercial property owners want quiet -- in their living rooms, bedrooms and offices. And builders require the lowest cost code-mandated party walls. Our Quiet®-brand soundproofing products make it easy, low cost and reliable to get the noise reduction they demand," said Kevin Surace, president and CEO of Quiet Solution. "Once architects, builders and contractors use our products, they want more. We're responding to rapidly increasing demand with more plants, and higher volume, which continues to drive down costs for builders. We expect to add more capacity at a rapid pace, including breaking ground on a new East Coast plant later this year."

The plant is zoned with particularly stringent environmental requirements. Quiet Solution's environmentally-friendly products and processes met these requirements easily. Quiet Solution's parent company, Serious Materials, was voted the top cleantech company by 800 professionals at Cleantech Forum XII, in February 2007.

Quiet Solution's high quality soundproofing products, in volume production since 2002, have gained the highest ratings from professionals, customers and partners in the construction industry. A key advantage of using Quiet Solution's breakthrough soundproofing products is the high level of noise reduction combined with ease of installation at the lowest cost. For example, a single sheet of QuietRock 525 delivers noise reduction equivalent to eight sheets of standard drywall, at a substantially lower cost. This enables quiet buildings, straightforward use by builders, and ultimately happy clients and homeowners.