Press Release: Dietrich and Quiet Solution Announce Soundproof Drywall for UltraSTEEL Framing

Dietrich Metal Framing and Quiet Solution have partnered on a specially-engineered soundproof drywall panel to deliver superior noise reduction for interior walls built with Dietrich's UltraSTEEL studs.

The new product, QuietRock UltraSTEEL 527, provides sound isolation equivalent to four layers of standard drywall when used on UltraSTEEL studs – making walls simpler, thinner and lower cost with less labor, while delivering more reliable noise reduction. They deliver sound transmission class (STC) ratings of 55, when used on just one side of a single steel stud assembly, reducing sound transmission by 80 percent when compared to using standard drywall. This new sound damping drywall is 5/8" thick, contains no metal, and will be available in lengths from 8' to 12'. It scores, snaps, hangs and finishes just like standard drywall, making it easy to use for contractors with no special training. "If you have specific sound reduction targets, this new QuietRock panel, in conjunction with our UItraSTEEL studs, is a solution we strongly recommend," said John Diaddigo, VP business development for Dietrich. "We focused on this new product because we deliver value-add solutions to our customers – and Quiet Solution is a technology and market leader in noise reduction."

Dietrich UltraSTEEL Framing is a next-generation roll-forming technology that significantly increases product performance, including greater load-carrying capacity, higher limiting heights, better acoustical and fire performance and easier installation.

"We're thrilled to be working with a leader like Dietrich – and we'll do everything possible to support their team, their channel and our joint customers," said Kevin Surace, president and CEO of Quiet Solution. "Creating specially-engineered products is a reflection of our large investment in research and development. Our recent breakthroughs in the lab have allowed us to specifically tune the sound damping properties for specific applications, as in this case, the new UltraSTEEL studs. We have one issued patent and 22 more filed or underway related to noise reduction, low-energy solutions, cleantech materials, and material science."

QuietRock UltraSTEEL 527 will be available in volume throughout North America this summer exclusively from thousands of authorized building material dealers. Detailed product information is available now for architects and builders at

Quiet Solution's high quality soundproofing products, in volume production since 2002, have gained high ratings from professionals, customers and partners in the construction industry. A key advantage of using Quiet Solution soundproofing products is its high level of noise reduction combined with ease of installation. This enables quiet buildings, straightforward use by builders, and ultimately, happy clients and homeowners.


Quiet Solution, a division of Serious Materials, is America's most trusted manufacturer of soundproofing products. As a technology leader, it provides world-class residential and commercial building materials that support sustainable construction while enhancing quality of life. Patent-pending products and technologies include QuietRock® soundproof drywall, QuietWood® and QuietHome® high-STC windows and doors. These provide easy, reliable and cost-effective noise reduction, ranging from low-cost panels to the only THX-certified soundproofing in the world. The company's environmentally friendly products are manufactured in the United States and available through more than 4,000 dealers. For more information, visit or