The Green Glue Phenomenon

Author: Robert W. Orther

It is amazing how Green Glue is taking the soundproofing industry by storm. Green Glue is a convenient sound-damping agent that is sandwiched between 2 layers of drywall. It dampens both the existing layer of drywall as well as the second layer that is installed over top of the first. Green Glue precludes you from having to remove the first layer of drywall and allows you to soundproof a wall or ceiling by simply adding another layer of drywall to the existing layer but using the Green Glue applied between the layers as a sound damping agent to prevent the sound from vibration the drywall and thus transmitting the sound through the wall or ceiling. The convenience and ease of installation has made the Green Glue a favorite with Do-it –yourselfers and professionals alike. Green Glue can be used in place of Mass loaded vinyl and lead sheeting and is generally better at stopping low frequency sound than either of these materials. Green glue used in conjunction with a floated wall of ceiling will give you the professional results you are looking for in a soundproofing agent. One of the best features of the Green glue is that you can obtain professional soundproofing results even if you are a weekend do-it- yourselfer.

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