Soundproofing your home

News 8 :: KFMB Stations, San Diego, California Soundproofing Your Home

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11-07-06 at 5:00PM

Noisy neighbors, loud televisions, and even cars driving by – it’s the noise that drives us crazy when we’re at home. But there are things you can do to soundproof your home without having to move.

All appears quiet at the Kuehner house, but Michele Kuehner says things are not as they seem.

“The sound, it’s just constant, you can never just have peace and quiet. It drives me insane,” she said.

Loud neighbors, speeding cars and the sounds spreading from room to room are becoming too much for Michele to handle. So News 8 asked Alex Gomez with Super Soundproofing to help. Alex’s company specializes in solving noise problems.

He starts with one problem area: Michele’s home office.

“Sometimes we have the TV on in here and the noise out there from the cars -- even with the windows closed -- is making us turn up the TV,” Michele said.

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