Soundproof Windows Reverses Silicon Valley Exodus Trend

Bucking the trend to leave the Silicon Valley, Soundproof Windows, nationally distributed manufacturer of specialty windows for noise abatement, expands its facilities to Fremont, California.

While many high-tech firms are leaving, Soundproof Windows is moving their facility that manufactures high-tech windows into the Silicon Valley. After three years on the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay Area, Soundproof Windows has quadrupled its facilities by relocating to Fremont, California.

The recent crash and other factors have created an exodus of many companies from the San Francisco Bay Area. With space now more affordable and a good labor pool available, Soundproof Windows is reversing the trend and moving into the heart of the Silicon Valley. "The central location will help us with our Bay Area business. Our national business will benefit from being closer to our freight and distribution points," said founder and President, Randy Brown.

Like HP and Apple, Soundproof Windows was also started in a garage in the Bay Area. This marks the third move for the 7 year old company. The new facility is 18,000 square feet and more equipment has been added to increase production capacities. "With the new equipment we can make four times as many windows with the same number of employees," said Brown. "Our sales have increased dramatically since the start of the year and we needed the extra capacity."

It is not surprising that the demand for soundproofing is on the rise, in commercial as well as residential buildings, since most new construction occurs near freeways, railroads and other noisy areas. The trend towards denser housing also contributes to the noise problem. Since the major noise leak in all homes are the windows and doors, the demand for a solution beyond just replacement windows has increased, and has also created a need for a new technology to reduce the noise levels. Rather than the 5-20% noise reduction available when changing from single pane to dual pane windows, Soundproof Windows' high-tech soundproofing products achieve noise reductions of over 75%.

With the new location Soundproof Windows has also been able to add a showroom that can demonstrate the noise reductions attained by adding their high-tech windows. "We urge interested persons to stop by our new location to see a live demonstration of our product," invites Brown.

Find out more about Soundproof Windows and soundproofing in general online at . The site also includes sample installations and customer comments. Or contact them directly, toll-free at 877-GET-QUIET (438-7843), 47630 Kato Road, Fremont, California.

About Soundproof Windows:
Since 1998, Soundproof Windows has been a nationwide manufacturer of soundproofing windows for noise abatement, providing an alternative or enhancement to standard window replacement in residential as well as commercial applications. Their soundproofing products reduce noise levels by 75% or more and are fully functional with excellent insulation qualities.

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