NoiseOut Essentials Unveils Innovative Noise Control Solutions

NoiseOut Essentials have released a new line of adaptable noise control solutions that look like everyday household objects, but organically enhance the sound in a room. The line features acoustic pillows, wallpaper, artwork, throws, moldings, base boards, door frames and other standard design elements that can be easily integrated into homes or commercial environments. Also included in the NoiseOut Essentials line is a family of noise control materials that can be incorporated into existing architectural elements and home d├ęcor items.

To order NoiseOut Essentials products, customers simply call the NoiseOut Essentials toll-free number (1-877-NOISEOUT), which is staffed by experienced acoustic engineers. After providing basic room information such as size, height of ceiling, and other room characteristics, an engineer utilizes a proprietary software program developed by NoiseOut Essentials to determine the number of Units needed to bring a room to its ideal acoustical environment. Customers then choose the variety of NoiseOut Essentials products that fit their design, taste and budget. Best of all, consultation is FREE.

Created by sound expert Dr. Bonnie Schnitta and her partner, custom installation industry veteran Randy Wilson, the revolutionary NoiseOut Essentials line has been made possible thanks to a breakthrough, patented method of analyzing the sound characteristics of a space and quantifying the sound-absorbing properties of NoiseOut Essentials products, expressed in NoiseOut Essentials Units.

A variety of NoiseOut Essentials products, such as carpet underlayment, Paradisefoam pillows and wallpaper, can be chosen until the correct number of NoiseOut Essentials Units needed to absorb noise in a room has been reached. By doing this, customers receive a noise control solution that fits both their acoustic and design needs – and virtually eliminates the need for extensive on-site consultations and expensive testing equipment.

Excess reverberation in a room produces echoes, causing AV and home theater equipment to sound bad, making speech hard to understand and distorting noises, which is irritating to listeners. At its worse, excess reverberation can cause noise to be amplified, further resulting in listener stress and fatigue. This is a problem experienced in homes, hospitals, restaurants, offices and other structures.


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