Household Objects Used to Tone Down Sound

Your bachelor pad may be cool, but a bad sound system may drown out all of your witty banter. While for some, this is a good thing, the rest of you urbane audiophiles can opt for NoiseOut Essentials.

CE Pro says that this posh line of soundproofing and noise-control products look like pillows, wallpaper, artwork and other household items that you probably couldn't pick out for yourself anyway.

Upcoming products will include lampshades, artificial plants (classy and you can't kill them!), bookcases, sofas and sleepers.

If you've already got a good motif going, the company also offers doorframes, baseboards, moldings, throws and carpet underlayment that can help damper some of the damage that your system was crafted to do. -- Rachel Cericola

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* Solutions look like everyday household objects

Household Objects Used to Tone Down Sound - Electronic House Magazine
Household Objects Used to Tone Down Sound

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