Soundproofing Project - Part 1: Discovery & Design

I'm in the planning stages of finishing my basement. In this new space, I plan to have a studio/jam room and a home theater. Currently, my music equipment is in my first floor office, and I generally play when no one is home. Band practice is at the drummer or keyboardists house. I also have a typical surround sound system in my family room, and I cannot play it without waking my kids.

This leads me to do some research on sound proofing. I went through a number of options, which I'll list here.

My first step lead me to QuietRock by Quiet Solutions. QuietRock is a drywall that has been impregnated with some visco-elastic compound to help improve its Sound Transmission Class (STC) levels. The research on their website showed some significant potential with sound reduction. I locked on to their THX certified product, which boasted reductions in SPL up to 80dB! PERFECT. Their website, however, does not list pricing, per se. I was able to track down a distributor here on the East coast and got some preliminary pricing. I could get a 4x8 sheet of the QuietRock 585 for the bargain price of $281 per sheet. Yikes. A typical sheet of drywall is about $5 where I am. I needed new options.

Through intense research and some conversations with some smart folks (namely, Joel from Super SoundProofing Company), I found that there are a lot of different ways to achieve what I wanted to achieve, but there is pricing associated with all of it, of course. Here are my final results:


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