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I recently bought a condominium on a busy street. The noise is driving me a little nuts. I am interested in purchasing soundproofing windows but have gotten stuck trying to figure out the best way to approach this. I have tried to surf the web to understand which vendors are out there, and what methods they use to soundproof. One vendor replaces the glass in the window. I think others replace the whole window. What types of soundproofing techniques work best? Which vendors provide this service? How do they price their offerings?


Hello Claire,

Thanks for your question. I've compiled for you a handful of
providers. I tried to find different techniques' offers, but actually
one seemed to be the currently dominant, consisting in adding a
laminated glass to the existing windows. However, for each provider I
found, I quoted excerpts from their own explanations, so you can
compare. I also looked for their pricing, but in no case they were
available. Instead, they ask the customer to contact them in order to
prepare an estimate --somehow, it seems to make sense, since it's very
unlikely that prices could be standardized for a service that for its
own nature needs to be tailored. Therefore, contact information has
been included for all of them.

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