Echosorb Soundproofing – Acoustic Baffles

Low frequency noise can be particularly irritating and stressful. Low frequency sound can be caused by traffic and aircraft noise; industrial noise, such as pumps, fans and boilers; and noise from amplified music. Sometimes low frequency noise can cause structural vibration and set up rattling.

Acoustica has designed Echosorb Dolphins, EchoSorb 25, and EchoSorb HD 12, in order to combat noise in the medium to low frequency region, across a range of applications.

Echosorb acoustic baffle absorbers provide sound reverberation control for large areas. Typical overall noise reduction is up to 10-12dB, representing a reduction in noise levels of around 50%. EchoSorb is ideal for community facilities including assembly halls, indoor swimming pools and sports areas. Also for factories and machine shops, noise absorption in plant rooms, and work stations and free-standing panels.

EchoSorb is easily installed and does not require a frame or facing. Due to its lightweight construction, it can be safely hung from the roof or ceiling structure. EchoSorb is unaffected by water and has an indefinite service life.

Available in blue and in the shape of a dolphin, EchoSorb Dolphins are an ideal architectural complement for indoor swimming pools.

Acoustica - Echosorb soundproofing – acoustic baffles

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