Quiet Solution Introduces New Distribution Agreement

Press Release

Quiet Solution, PPW Sign Distribution Agreement for Soundproofing Products; Major Supplier to Distribute 'Peace and Quiet' Across the Country

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2006--Quiet Solution (www.quietsolution.com), the nation's leading manufacturer of soundproofing products, today announced a national distribution agreement with Parksite Plunkett-Webster (PPW) (www.parksite.com/ppw). The agreement results in the Silicon Valley-based company's products being available to more than 4,500 outlets across North America.

Under the agreement, Quiet Solution products, including the newly announced QuietRock(R) 510 soundproof drywall -- the lowest cost soundproofing panel on the market -- will now be available to more than 4,000 PPW serviced retailers, primarily east of the Mississippi River. This brings the total number of retailers which can carry Quiet Solution products to more than 4,500.

A wholesale distributor owned by The Parksite Group, PPW partners with companies that produce a unique combination of traditional lumber products, wood alternatives and other building products. Through such partnerships, PPW identifies markets and builds brand recognition for the products it carries, such as DuPont Tyvek(R) HomeWrap(R), for which PPW is the nation's largest distributor. As part of adding Quiet Solution to its carefully selected set of partners, PPW will send its product specialists into the field to educate dealers and specifiers about the advantages of Quiet Solution products.

Jim Daniels, president of PPW, echoed these points, noting that, in addition to being a distributor, PPW is also a marketing partner for its manufacturers.

"PPW has a successful track record in developing markets for brand name building materials," said Daniels. "Being selective has allowed us to partner with the leaders in decking, trim, siding and landscaping. These companies have built us to more than $600 million in annual revenue. We've got our sights on $1 billion in revenue, and we chose Quiet Solution, with its proven technology and quality products, to be a major part of that growth. To do that, PPW intends to invest heavily in training our team and our customers from the start. I personally look forward to a long relationship with Quiet Solution."

Adding to Daniels' optimism, Quiet Solution President and CEO Kevin Surace stated, "We're thrilled that PPW has chosen to distribute our products, and believes in the unrivaled value of QuietRock, QuietWood(R) and Quiet Solution. Growing our dealer base with PPW's experienced multi-tiered sales force will allow more contractors to readily get the products they need from their favorite outlets, starting immediately."

In addition to QuietRock 510, Quiet Solution products distributed by PPW under the agreement include four additional models of QuietRock, QuietWood, QuietRF, QuietFoam(R), QuietCoat(R), QuietSeal(R), QuietPutty(R), QuietGlue(R) and QuietTile(R).


Quiet Solution, America's most trusted manufacturer of soundproofing products, provides world-class building materials for residential and commercial construction. These include QuietRock(R) (more than 15 million square feet installed), QuietWood(R) and QuietHome(R) high-STC windows. The company's high-tech products provide the most reliable and proven sound transmission class and impact insulation class solutions on the market, the lowest-cost RF-shielding solutions, as well as the only THX-certified soundproofing solution in the world. As an innovative material science and manufacturing company, Quiet Solution develops and deploys patent-pending technologies to solve large-scale problems in several sectors, including construction, marine and automotive. The company's products are environmentally friendly, manufactured in the United States and available to more than 4,500 dealers in North America. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley. For more information, visit www.quietsolution.com.