Homeward Bound

Homeward bound
by Laiq Qureshi Saturday

The last effort by Fali Damania to keep the sound from escaping the bedroom in his Pali Hill residence saw him spend endlessly on all kinds of expensive soundproofing paraphernalia covering over an inch on the walls and the ceiling. “I needed to contain the sound within this room,” says Fali. “No sound can get in or get out now. But the cats do sneak in from time to time.” For musicians like Damania, ex-guitarist of the famous band Acquired Funk Syndrome (AFS), going over the top on such expenditures is typical. After all, this room not only earns him his daily bread. Damania is part of a quiet revolution in music-making: the move from professional studios to home recording. Project studios or, as it is commonly known, home studios, is the latest phenomenon to have gripped the music scene in the city. The phenomenon has flourished with falling prices of MIDI equipment and accessories, as well as inexpensive digital hard-disk recording products. This is the single largest reason why most musicians are moving towards home recording.

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