Home Theater Soundproofing Tip: Framing

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I’d promised more when I wrote about insulation and drywall, so here goes: When framing a soundproof wall, use 2X6 plates then stagger the 2X4 studs to either side of the plate creating a 6” space for thicker batts of insulation snaked on the horizontal. lsolate the slab or floor joists of home theatre especially if you plan a floor-shaker woofer (bass is hardest to soundproof). Just a 3% “short” (touch) can increase sound transmission by 50%. Install sound absorbing columns within walls; use a cardboard form (used for poured concrete columns) and fill it part way with sand. It will absorb bass frequencies. Don’t cut out openings in drywall opposite from each other in adjoining walls. Stagger those opening for expert soundproofing. Use insulated doors then weather-seal all around them.

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