Building Energy Efficient Homes Also Results in Better Soundproofing

Not afraid to try something new
Local builder using foam blocks and concrete techniques for stronger, more energy-efficient homes.


FRANKTON — Carpenter Don Knotts is an environmentalist.

He’ll build you a stick-built home, but prefers to talk about polysteel homes that he began building in 2001 — he’s built six since them. Currently Knotts is building two homes in the 500 block of Sigler Street where the Frankton Elementary School once stood.

“Every time I build one of these, people stop and start asking questions, or they’ll keep driving by real slow,” Knotts said. “Some carpenters stop, but most won’t — they don’t want to have to ask about it.”

The innovative polysteel system is more energy efficient, withstands about 240 mph wind, has few mold problems, no insect problems and saves 33 percent on heating and cooling. So what’s the catch?

“The problem is some people don’t want to change,” Knotts said of the new kind of construction. “It costs about 10 to 15 percent more to build, compared to conventional construction.”

Source The Herald Bulletin
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