Annoying noise real hum-dinger


Ear-itated Bay Ridge residents are struggling to name that tone - a round-the-clock humming noise they say is depriving them of sleep.

The noise - compared to the roar of an engine and the honk of a fog horn - has been blowing in from near the Bay Ridge Channel for nearly a year, but nobody has been able to pinpoint its source.

"The problem is it's constant, 24 hours a day," said Dr. Concetta Butera, a chiropractor who lives on Colonial Road. "It's messed up my life really badly."

For Butera, who has lived in her sixth-floor apartment for 18 years, the sound is more than just a nuisance. Besides spending the night at her office, she has sunk more than $2,000 into muffling the noise.

Late last year, Butera installed soundproof windows, invested in a sound machine and even hired an acoustical consultant, who failed to determine where the sound was coming from but suggested a fan outside her building.

Rita Majurinen, a music teacher who lives several blocks away on Wakeman Place, said the sound reaches her home, too.

"It's such a low tone that I can feel it in my body," said Majurinen, adding the noise has kept her awake at night.

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