Club Owners Used Audio Alloy's Green Glue to Quiet the Noise

Green Glue, what is it? Well it is not some type of radioactive glue. It is a new product for soundproofing that may revolutionize the soundproofing industry. I have read about this stuff, but I have been curious as to how effective the product is. Well, news stories are starting to trickle in with real world applicatons of this product. It appears that Glub Gemini has managed to reduce noise complaints by using the dampening product Green Glue.

"Friday, June 16, 2006 - Bangor Daily News

BANGOR - City officials and downtown residents praised the owners of Club Gemini for reducing noise inside their establishment, but reiterated criticisms of continuing clamor outside the popular nightspot. The comments came during an open house the club held for the group Thursday night.

Noise complaints from residents about Club Gemini used to keep police department telephones ringing on Friday and Saturday nights. In February, the complaints led the Bangor City Council to order Pat and Matt Brann, owners of the 15-month-old club, to install a sound-dampening wall.

The plywood and sheetrock wall has made complaints dwindle, Deputy Police Chief Peter Arno said at the open house.

"They [the Branns] have worked with everyone to make it more pleasant to sleep at night," said Jack Collins, president of Franklin Place Condominiums. He added that the noise from the bass "seems to have been alleviated."

On display in the club Thursday night was a model of the back wall that faces Franklin Place Condominiums. The Brann brothers hired engineers to research the best solution to the problem of bass waking neighbors at night."

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