Acoustic Foam reduces passenger vehicle compartment noise.

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Release date: May 22, 2006
Foamex Reduces Driver Distraction with Qylite® Acoustic Foam Materials
Foamex Offers New Acoustic Materials for Auto Industry

LINWOOD, PA - May 22, 2006 - Foamex International Inc. today announced that it has introduced a new product line for automotive applications that reduces passenger compartment noise with advanced polyurethane foam technology. Qylite foam offers Tier I and OEM design engineers a choice in acoustic materials with differing acoustical functions, such as sound absorption, barrier/decoupler systems, and sealing to enhance performance and control vehicle weight and cost.

Qylite foam products offer excellent sound absorption performance, are easy to handle and install, offer long-term stability, and are recyclable. "These new products give design engineers choices and advantages over products already in the marketplace. Qylite foam's acoustic performance will not be adversely affected by stress and vibration making it a perfect choice for today's stricter requirements," stated Vinnie Bonaddio Foamex's Senior Vice President of its Technical Products Group.

The Qylite foam family of products currently includes Qylite 100, Qylite 300, Qylite 400, and Qylite AVT foams. Qylite 100 foam is an ultra-lightweight, supersoft polyurethane dash insulator decoupler material, made with Foamex's VPFSM manufacturing process and proprietary chemistry. Qylite 300 foam is a thermoformable dash insulator material and is also manufactured using Foamex's VPFSM process. For a high-performing sound absorber with competitive pricing, Qylite 400 foam is the perfect choice. Qylite AVT foam offers a unique combination of mechanical properties including low force to compress combined with excellent damping performance. Each of these materials can be further enhanced through a variety of fabrication and post-processing technologies, and can synergize with other materials in layered composites produced with Foamex's flame-lamination technology.

In addition to dash insulators, applications include hood insulators, floor carpet underlay, door panel absorbers, headliner laminate absorbers, seat strainer/barrier/decouplers or absorbers, luggage compartment acoustical components, quarter panel trim absorbers and sound absorption for engine beauty shields. Foamex can also custom-engineer new materials and composites to meet a customer's specific application requirements.

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Foamex is the leading producer of flexible polyurethane foam for the bedding, furniture, carpet cushion and automotive markets as well as technical foams for diverse applications in industrial, consumer, electronics and transportation industries. Foamex was one of the first polyurethane foam manufacturers to complete ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 certifications for its facilities serving the automotive industries. For more information, visit the Foamex web site at

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