Soundproofing your toilet with Insonorisation GLH Toilet Kit

Flush! If your like me and can't stand the sound of a flushing toilet or the slamming of the lid coming from above, well there just might be a solution for you. The product is called "ready-to-install for the sound insulation of cabinet "toilet bowl"

So how does this kit go about soundproofing your toilet? The kit includes a flexible self adhesive band and metal links that should fit to most types of toilet bowls. These links will prevent your bowl from making acontact with the floor. Thus sound is not transmitted to the floor because there is no contact. Now the manufactures states that in can be installed in under 15 minutes for new toilets and renovations. The cost per kit is $25 Canadian dollars. 

Now it appears the products is available in Canada, not sure about the United States. Drop me a line if you have in information. You can also resort to the running the faucet or flush at the right time trick

For more info click here: Insonorisation GLH Toilet