How to approach a noisy neighbor

The first thing you want to do is talk to your neighbors, here is an excellent article on the subject Nolo Law Noise FAQ. To sum this article up:

1. Talk to your neighbor
2. Write a letter to your neighbor
3. Complain to your HOA if you belong to one or Landlord if you are renting.
4. Ask for mediation. Usually your city or county can help you out with mediation. If you belong to a HOA, make a request for a hearing.
5. Call the police
6. Sue your neighbor in Small Claims Court, it is cheap and you do not need a lawyer.

I found it helpful to keep a noise diary of all the noise my neighbor made. I also bought a sound meter off eBay, so I could measure the amount of noise they were making and recorded it with video while the neighbors were indulging in their noisegasms. This information can be helpful, if you have to take your neighbors to court.

I personally only made it to the letter stage, I provided the neighbor with a copy of the city ordinance, a copy of the CC and R's, a page out of my sound diary and some noise measurements. First I wrote a nice letter. The next letter was a little more forceful. They finally got the message after the third letter after threatening mediation.