Tips for soundproofing your dorm room

Parties, youth, and roommates are the ingredients for a noisy dormitory. You are surrounded by thin walls and through those walls comes all types of noise. You are limited on what you can do to reduce the noise. However, there are a few things that you can do that just might make the noise tolerable.

Closing your windows will reduce some of the noise coming from outside.  You can seal your air vents if you have any. You a dense material and make sure they are sealed tight. If air can get through, so can noise. You could also try taping pillows to your wall or some other type of fluffy material. This will reduce a little noise and will also allow you to throw yourself against the wall. Try stuffing some towels in the crack underneath your door. This may reduce some noise, but it will be hassle when you have to open your door.

You can also gather up some courage and demand some respect from the noisemakers. Approach the offenders in a kind and courteous way and maybe the will cut the noise. Try something like, "Could you use your inside voices."

If all else fails you can always take your studying to the library or another quiet place. You can also buy yourself a nice pair of earplugs. I also find that for sleeping a night, a cheap noisy box fan placed next to your head creates plenty of noise drowning white noise.