E-Crete has better SoundProofing among other advantages

A quest for energy efficiency lead a builder to new material. With rising energy and lumber costs, homeowners are looking for more energy-efficient building materials.

Kuerner Homes, LLC, a developer in Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City, is working with a form of concrete known as “e-Crete,” also known as autoclaved aerated concrete, which is a more efficient form of concrete, according to Greg Brasher, project supervisor for Kuerner Homes for the Bullhead City/Fort Mojave area.

While the blocks look similar to regular concrete, e-Crete is lighter than regular concrete and is more environment-friendly, according to Brasher.

This is because the material takes less energy to manufacturing, and no pollutants or byproducts are produced during the manufacturing process, according to the e-Crete web site.

The material is made from natural raw materials such as lime, cement, water and aluminum powder and any waste created by the manufacturing process is recycled back into the mixing process.

So, how will e-crete help you with your soundproofing? Porous structure, high mass and the ability to dampen mechanical vibration energy is going to reduce the noise coming into your home. The manufacturer claims the wall units can achieve a STC rating of up to 60.

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  1. Some great tips, but you forgot about soundproof windows. We used Citiquiet and now our family sleeps like babies.


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