How to Soundproof Your Condo Ceiling Part I

Soundproofing your condo
You can read parts I and II here

The bad news you can not soundproof your ceiling, but you can reduce the noise. The first thing you want to do is talk to your neigbors, here is an excellent article on the subject Noisy Nuisances: What are Your Rights? . I came across a better article then the previous, Nolo Law Noise FAQ. To sum this article up talk to your neighbor, write a letter to your neighbor, ask for mediation, call the police and finally sue your neighbor. I found it helpful to keep a noise diary of all the noise my neighbor made. I also bought a sound meter of eBay so I could measure the amount of noise they were making. If your past the love thy neighbor stage you can try a white noise generator or sound conditioner. In my bedroom I use an air cleaner it makes plenty of white noise. I learned this trick at college, I bought myself a big window fan and it drowned out everthing including the fire alarm (bad).

If you can try to tackle the noise from above. Offer your neigbor to help pay for new flooring. Of course you will want to lay down some type engineered prouduct(s)to absorb impact noise and block airborne noise. You could try Impact Acoustical Floor Treatments, Ekasonic, Subfloor Plus Foam, Impact Line, Kinetics Sound Rated Floor System, QuietWood, and QuietFoam. The above products are part of a system, so read the fine print, other materials may need to be used to achieve good results. But before you start laying down underlayment be sure to read this information from SoundProofing America Soundproofing Wood and Tile Floors and flooring information from Super Soundproofing Also, do not forget high quality thick carpet padding.