This Week In Soundproofing: March 14th to March 21st

Sonex Studio foam - Soundproofing America

"There is a lot more to a modern home or professional studio then simply soundproofing the walls and floating the floor. Oh of course these things are important especially when you are trying to capture that perfect classical guitar solo on tape or CD, but it is the acoustical tuning of the studio that really makes the difference between a good recording and an outstanding one. What do I mean by acoustical tuning? Basically it is deadening or livening a room to make it the perfect environment for live musical recording and voice-overs. If a room or a studio is too live this meant that there are too many hard surfaces fro the sound to reflect off of. It is what causes unwanted reverbs (echo) in the room dues to the lack of absorbent material on the walls ceiling and floors."

"Keep 'sense design' in check in a busy household
Stories on "designing for the senses" don't understand modern living.

They rehash the same theme: Rooms should evoke not only pleasant visual experiences, but also delight the other senses through sounds, textures and scents. They then wax on about filling your home with scented candles and cashmere throws, and the need to have soundtracks of burbling brooks and birds."

QuietRock and QuietWood Sound-damped Floor/Ceiling Assembly Earns ...

SUNNYVALE, CA -- Quiet Solution, the market and technology leader in soundproof drywall, today that its revolutionary QuietHome® sound-damped floor/ceiling assembly has been awarded UL assembly number L591. This makes it immediately usable in a wide range of commercial and residential applications requiring stringent fire ratings, such as multi-family construction and high-end single family homes wanting high performance soundproofing solutions.