Rob from Survivor & The Amazing Helps Mike with Soundproofing

Rob Tries To Drown Out Drum Noise
Rob To The Rescue Tries To Help Drummer, Neighbor
Neighbor FORDS, N.J., May 2, 2006

"(CBS) When Mike Donahue isn't working as a full-time fireman, he's pursuing his dream as a part-time musician. But Mike's love of the drums is not shared by his neighbors in Fords, N.J., who have to listen to his every rehearsal. That's why Mike's mom sent The Early Show an e-mail and hoped Rob Mariano could come to their rescue. Marge Donahue wrote to Rob, who has been helping viewers since appearing on "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race," that her son had recently purchased a small house and moved in with his drums. However, he also ended up with a neighbor who doesn't appreciate his drumming. "I tried to soundproof the best I could, spending about $500 on carpet padding hoping this would resolve the issue," Mike explains. But Mike's soundproofing job did not impress neighbor Ann Everson, who has been living in her house for 57 years. "It's a very quiet neighborhood except for the drums," Ann explains. "We had a very heated argument about it."

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